CDC Meeting Monday, May 16 at 6 p.m.
Vallejo Community Center
​225 Amador Street, Vallejo

CDC announces candidate endorsements
Feb. 15 | Candidates in six races have received the CDC's endorsement: Dan Wolk, Assembly District 4; Mae Torlakson, Assembly District 14;
Bill Dodd, State Senate District 3; Attorney General Kamala Harris, US Senate;
Rep. Mike Thompson, U.S. Congress;
Hillary Clinton, President of the United States. Read more.

Photos from the Installation of Officers

CDC announces endorsements for Solano County Democratic Central Committee 
May 6, 2016 | The Community Democratic Club has announced the candidates it has endorsed by a majority vote of its members in Supervisorial District 1 for the Solano County Democratic Central Committee.  Read more.

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Core Values

EDUCATE - the Community Democratic Club values the continuous growth, professional development and education necessary to make our communities better places to live through advocacy and volunteerism.

ACTIVATE - the Community Democratic Club will register voters and encourage those voters who are registered, but are not participating, to be educated on the issues and to vote. 

ENDORSE - the Community Democratic Club will    endorse and actively support candidates and elected officials who share our core values and mission statement as well as the values and mission statement of the national party. 

Who We Are

The Community Democratic Club (CDC) is a diverse group of volunteers who are advocates of democracy and  believe in the social equality of all people.

Our Mission

The mission of the Community Democratic Club is to: Promote the ideals and principles of the Democratic Party in Vallejo and nearby communities by inspiring greater participation in the democratic process; Develop new leaders whose positions are consistent with Democratic Party values; Educate, Empower, Mobilize; Endorse Democratic causes and candidates in Vallejo and nearby communities; Register voters; Facilitate communication among voters on the local level; Provide local political forums; and Elect Democrats to public office who are qualified and represent the core values of the Community Democratic Club and the Democratic Party.

“Let us never forget that government is  ourselves and not an alien power over us. The ultimate rulers of our democracy are not the President and senators and congressmen and government officials; but the voters of this country”.    
​Franklin D. Roosevelt

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