Why you should join

Membership in the Community Democratic Club means joining the leading political organization in the nation.  By joining and lending your activism to CDC our membership stands united on the forefront of a changing political landscape.  We want and need you to become a part of sharing our mission and vision for a united political future.

Membership Involvement

Education - become more knowledgeable about projects and issues that are important to the safety, economic development and growth of our city and nearby communities.  

Share - your knowledge with family, friends and neighbors.

Participate - by inspiring greater participation in the democratic process; by developing new and supporting existing leaders who     reflect the diversity of the community; by bringing forward positions that are consistent with Democratic Party values; and by working to improve the quality of life of the people of Vallejo and nearby communities.

Annual Dues - (dues are not tax deductible)
Adults   $10.00
Youth (16-17 yrs)   No Fee

Membership dues are used to support the operations of the club.


Become a part of the Community Democratic Club for the low fee of $10.00.


Are you between the ages of 16 - 17?  
​If so, you can  become a member of the Community Democratic Club compliments of CDC.

Community Democratic Club
Community Advocacy

REMINDER, it's time to renew your 2018-2019 membership

We appreciate your past membership and support and if you have not done so already we are reaching out to you to renew your membership for the new year, effective July 1, 2018 and ends June 30, 2019.  Now is a great time to rejoin as we are having a membership renewal drive and would love to have you rejoin us by  July 1st.  Our goal by August 31st is to be 300 members strong and you can help us achieve our Club's goal. Renewing your membership is as easy. Just complete the application and returning it with dues in the amount of $10. That's it.

These are exciting times for Democrats, the November election is quickly approaching and we have important work to do to get Democrats elected.  We hope you will rejoin today, your voice and vote are needed.